What Are You Afraid Of?

What are you afraid of?

What holds you back that you would otherwise do if fear were not a factor?

People think I’m fearless. They think I dive head first into challenges unafraid of the consequences. Even those close to me think I don’t consider the possible outcomes that could end, maim or permanently alter my life.

But those outcomes weigh on every decision I make- even more so now that I have children.


Every time I prepare my gear for a kayak outing (whether it’s a level one tour in a bayou, out in open water, or surfing), I’m afraid. I think of everything that could go wrong- all the what-ifs.

Before every rugby match I have ever played, I thought about each gruesome injury that could sideline me.

During fight camp before my first fight, I thought about all the ways I could be embarrassed as a 37 yr old first time fighter. I thought about getting knocked TFO.

If I were to give in to all of these anxieties, I would do nothing. I do things because they scare me. If they scare me, they necessitate being done.

Sure, rational fears are heeded, but anxieties that would otherwise prevent me from living a full life must be over come- they must be Avenged!

My challenge to you, is to do something that scares you- something a little out of your comfort zone.

Get the proper training, don’t just YOLO it. Yes, you only live once (or to be more  classical, seize the day), but let’s set ourselves up to make this one life last, and to enrich as many days as possible with adventure- whatever that looks like for you.

What are you doing today, this weekend, or have set a goal for, that gets you outside your comfort zone? You don’t have to jump out of a plane to be adventurous. It might be training for your first 5k even though you’ve never run a recreational step in your life.

Don’t measure your adventure and challenge to someone else’s, but challenge your own sense of comfort. Let me know in the comments what you’re up to. I’ll cheer you on and help you achieve it anyway I can.

Stephanie The Avenger!

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